Why Build a WordPress Website for Your Business?

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Why Build a Wordpress Website for Your Business?

Best Edge Tech builds WordPress websites for our clients because we understand the value of using this open-source platform. Doing so also empowers you through ownership of easily managed website code. Instead of worrying about how to scale growth or improve upon existing code through a proprietary site, you have one that will grow and change as you see fit. 

WordPress gives you a custom website with all of the functionality you need. In fact, this widely used content management system powers about one third of all websites. Below are our 10 favorite reasons for building a WordPress website.

1. Cost-Effective Design

WordPress offers a multitude of customizable themes that make choosing your design scheme easy. This also makes bridging the gap between your design preferences and what your developer creates much easier. Together, you can choose elements that spark your interest for the agency to integrate for you. You can also update your site when desired, whether through your designer or internal talent.

2. Remote Access to Make Changes

On a desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet, you can post changes to your website from wherever you are in the world. You can easily add blogs, add pages and develop content on-the-go. All you need is access to the Internet and any website browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari.

3. Responsive Design

For any website your team creates, responsiveness is key. Your site must adapt to the increasingly varied screen sizes of phones, laptops, desktops, tablets and smartTVs. A WordPress website provides this responsive design with easy updates to keep up with the latest technologies. This means that your users enjoy the same, seamless engagement with your site, whether on a smartphone, Android tablet, Apple iPad, desktop, laptop or smartTV.

4. Search Engine Optimization

A WordPress website offers simplicity in design and structure for your content, built-in. This makes your site easily accessible to search engines, as well as easy for these engines to index. You can also implement plugins that make SEO intuitive, enabling you to customize each page according to how you want them to rank. For your customers, this means they find your content when they search your keywords and need services that you provide.

5. Functionality

WordPress websites scale and grow as your business does. Most of the platform’s scalability takes place through simple installation of plugins. Plugins expand your site’s SEO features, forms, ecommerce capabilities, media integration and so much more. 

6. Thriving Community

The WordPress website community is fully engaged in sharing best practices and support. You can easily obtain documentation for all aspects of your website design, development, expansion, updates and enhancement.

7. Tactical Brand Marketing

Through SEO, content, promotions, ecommerce and other easy WordPress website integrations, you can make your brand’s tactical marketing easier and faster. You can change the appearance of your site through banners and promotional campaigns or through publishing of news and customer information.

8. Social Media Integration

You can easily add social links and live feeds from your social media accounts to your WordPress website. In fact, these integrations help boost your site in Google rankings while keeping your content fresh and customers engaged.

9. WordPress Website Security

Your WordPress website comes with a solid reputation for security. It is a safe platform frequently updated by its developers to provide increasing security. You also have the advantage of a wide array of plugins available at your fingertips to add additional layers of security protection and fraud prevention.

10. World-Class Developers Ready to Build Your WordPress Website

Best Edge Tech’s WordPress website developers are ready to build a top quality content management-based site for your brand. We can quickly get your new site up and running, helping your staff learn how to navigate the content management platform as needed. Developing your site is only the first step in building your company’s online visibility. We can also provide content development and other SEO strategies to take your brand to top-of-mind. Call us today to learn more about our capabilities.

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