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Today, it is becoming a frequent current for people to leave their country in search not of greener pastures but for treatment in other countries. As a hospital or healthcare provider, it’d be best if you catch on to this wave of alternative tourism. This is because, with such an opportunity, it is not enough to be recognized only nationally. It’s a chance to be recognized internationally and consistently drive your profits upwards while doing what you do best – saving lives.

If you’ve decided to grab this opportunity, we can help you create and direct demand. First, we answer the big question, “Why do health tourists get treatment overseas?” A health tourist as your prospective patient, maybe after specific treatments, affordable prices, cutting-edge technology, speed, comfort, and care that you offer. We put these services out there so prospective patients can see them. When the health tourists see your services, they become informed and aware, which is the most significant part of their decision-making process.

The Second Step

The second step of the plan is where we draw your prospective patients’ attention the most. We employ a range of solid parameters so that health tourists can find you online. These include:

Your website is your gateway to the digital world. We can help you build a top-notch website if you don’t have one already. This website will explain the vision and mission of your hospital or healthcare services to whoever comes on there. The website will incorporate different languages according to your plan and budget to provide an opportunity for people of other languages. This will ensure that the services you provide will reach many people. We will build the website to be user-friendly so that it positively affects your prospective patients’ awareness and decision-making process.

We will advertise adequately on salient social media channels to ensure that your healthcare services are communicated to everyone. To do this with precision, we will:

  • Research about the markets and countries you want to reach
  • Get acquainted with the above market.
  • Attentively monitor the data on the above health market.
  • Carry out competition analysis
  • Be consistent throughout all social media channels that we will use.
  • Be genuine in our content.

Out of the social media platforms, we’ll develop a plan to reach more prospective patients digitally. We will use Google Ads, SEO tailored to your needs, reputation and review management, email marketing, and content marketing. To do it correctly, we’ll work with you to:

  • Identify the countries you want to reach
  • Identify the services you want to create a demand for
  • Plan a budget that is respective to different regions
  • Carry out competition analysis in the health market of relevance
  • Be briefed on any and every legal requirement.

We differentiate our social media advertising from our social media management. While social media advertising to us is a means by which we focus on creating leads through several plans of action, social media management is a means through which we will put up content on prominent social media channels like FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. By so doing, we will get and keep you engaged with your prospective health tourists. This means that their questions and comments will get responses which will, in turn, motivate their active participation and lead them on to share your content with other prospective patients.


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