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Choosing SEO services

Local SEO is a sub-category of SEO that is designed to help businesses like yours get found in local search results on search engines.

As a leading provider of SEO services, at Best Edge Tech, we help our clients with their local SEO requirements. We ensure that your business gets found locally, resulting in more website visits, leads and ultimately sales.

Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, contact our team to see what we can do to put your website in front of your local clients.

The Benefits of Local SEO

Improved Online Visibility

One of the biggest challenges for local businesses is getting found online. We make sure to put your website in front of local customers ready to purchase.

Cost Effective

Although SEO requires up-front costs to plan and implement a strategy, you can be sure that you will be seeing website traffic for years to come - at no additional cost!

Generate More Revenue

Local SEO drives relevant website traffic to your website. The more keywords and pages you can rank for in search engines, the more potential there is to increase revenue.

Brand Awareness

Most people don't buy from the first business they come across. That's why local SEO is crucial to be present in as many locations as possible.

Beat Your Competitors

Reach website visitors and customers that would typically go to your competitors. Dominate online and take a larger market share.

Build Trust

Customers use search engines as a way to find real businesses. Being present in local search results boosts your customer trust and credibility.

Our Local SEO Strategy

Our SEO consultancy focuses on the core SEO categories listed below:

Optimizing Name, Address, Phone Number

Local businesses should ensure that their business name, premises address and phone number are consistent across your website and external websites. We find all instances of your N.A.P online and ensure it’s up to date.


Generating and displaying customer reviews is one of the most effective ways to demonstrate your credibility as a local business. We ensure client feedback is shared in the places that need to be found.

Map Listings

As a local business, it is crucial that you can connect your online presence with your physical location on a map. We ensure Google My Business and Bing Places are set up, updated and optimized for your local customers.

Local Link Building

Link building is a crucial aspect of any SEO strategy, and equally as important for local SEO strategies. We focus on obtaining links specifically from websites that focus on your business region and location.


How Can We Help?

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