Case Study : Boosting Online Presence for Greene Psychology Group

Greene Psychology Group, a respected provider of psychological services, sought to enhance their online presence and attract more clients through their website, The practice offers a variety of mental health services, including therapy for individuals, couples, and families, as well as specialized treatment for anxiety, depression, and trauma.


When Greene Psychology Group approached us, they were facing several challenges. Despite their strong reputation in the community, their website was not attracting sufficient online traffic. This was partly due to poor search engine rankings for key terms related to their services. Additionally, their website design was outdated, making it difficult for users to navigate and find the information they needed. Social media engagement was minimal, further limiting their reach and interaction with potential clients.


To address these challenges, we set out to achieve the following objectives: increase online traffic to the website, improve search engine rankings for targeted keywords, redesign the website to enhance user experience and increase client inquiries, and strengthen their social media presence to foster better engagement and brand visibility.


To achieve these objectives, we implemented a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. We began with SEO optimization, conducting thorough keyword research to identify high-value search terms and optimizing the website content, meta tags, and headers accordingly. Enhancing site speed and mobile responsiveness was also a priority to improve user experience and search engine rankings.

Content marketing played a crucial role in our strategy. We developed informative and engaging blog posts on various psychological topics, created patient success stories and testimonials to build credibility, and produced educational videos to engage visitors and enhance the site’s multimedia appeal.

A complete website redesign was necessary to create a modern, clean design that is easy to navigate. We improved the site structure to guide users intuitively toward booking consultations and enhanced the mobile user experience to cater to a broader audience.

In terms of social media marketing, we established a consistent posting schedule across major platforms, engaged with followers through interactive content such as Q&A sessions and mental health tips, and ran targeted social media ad campaigns to reach potential clients in the local area.


Our strategic approach delivered outstanding results for Greene Psychology Group. The website experienced a significant increase in traffic, with an 85% rise within six months. Improved search engine rankings were achieved, with the site attaining top 10 positions for 20 targeted keywords related to psychological services. The redesigned website saw a 55% increase in average session duration and a 25% reduction in bounce rate, indicating a more engaging and user-friendly experience. Engagement rates improved by 60%, fostering better interaction and brand visibility.


By partnering with us, Greene Psychology Group successfully boosted their online presence, attracted more clients, and reinforced their position as a leading provider of psychological services. Our comprehensive digital marketing approach not only addressed their initial challenges but also provided sustainable growth and long-term success. For more information on how we can help your business achieve similar results, contact us today.