Your Social Media: Quick & Breezy or Slow & Steady?

Posted on July 08, 2014

For many people there seem to be two speeds in social networking: fast and super-fast. So how does a business keep up in the growing social networking market? You may be savvy with the many platforms out there, or you may have a marketing team that can take full advantage of them. But what if you don't have the time or staff to keep up with it all right now? If you had to choose, you could narrow it down to one of two approaches to begin your strategy.

Are Things Quicker, Smaller, and More Fleeting?

Yes, they are! The public first caught onto this when Twitter decided to limit its messages to 140 characters. For some, this was unheard of as an effective way in getting messages across. But why not break messages down into smaller, more digestible bits? This trend continues with Vine (6-second videos) or Snapchat (in which messages will disappear within seconds). There's also the increasingly popular Instagram that simply grabs an image and shares it with your followers. Does this sound more like your speed?

Is Slow and Steady Simply a Matter of Perception?

With all of these quicker options, the platforms that hold larger archives of content seem to be a slower and steadier route to go. Facebook still holds the top spot over Twitter, and there are advantages to having longer informative videos on YouTube, rather than a barrage of 6-second clips. Even Twitter developers are providing more space by creating the counterpart Medium for those who opt to share more text. There is also the business -minded site LinkedIn, and the new take on creating a multifaceted blog with Tumblr.

So what speed do you prefer these days? You will also want to consider your audience. It appears that the younger end of the market demographic is going for the quicker, shorter options.

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