What is Reputation Management and How Can It Help My Business?

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An old wives tale claims that your nose will itch whenever someone is talking about you. If only that simple system could work effectively in the world of technology, where it only takes a few strokes of the keyboard for a disgruntled customer to smear your name to his 600 Facebook and Twitter followers. Reputation management is the 21st century nose itch that began as a general public resources term but, like most things, evolved as online venues dominated more and more business interactions.

What is Reputation Management? Your online reputation is the image you create for your business on the web, so reputation management focuses on maintaining, improving, and restoring your brand’s positive image. The online world is no longer built for a passive experience, but rather to accommodate user comments and contributions. If a customer shares a bad experience about your company, it can be seen by thousands of people in an instant.

How Does Reputation Management Work? Reputation management is a complex duty that involves multiple variable to ensure that your company’s image doesn’t suffer slander and defamation. If you a hire a professional team to take care of your reputation management, you can expect to receive notifications any time a negative remark is made about your business online. This gives you (and/or your professional team) the chance to respond to the remark, if appropriate, in order to limit the negative impact on your business. Reputation Management is also the process of actively creating positive information on the internet for your company and ensuring all information is up to date.

Social media’s intimate relationship with search engines guarantees that anything written in cyberspace can come back to haunt you, so be proactive and hire a reputation management team that can teach you more about this online phenomenon and ensure that your company is protected.

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