What Can LinkedIn Do for Your Business?

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With the prevalence of Facebook, Google, and Twitter, LinkedIn is often unjustly neglected. The website is best known for its role as an online resume in job searches, but for a business it offers so much more. With more than 150 million members signed up and ready to do business, LinkedIn is much more of a professional social network than anything else.

Use LinkedIn to Connect with Others

Your business no doubt has a great deal of relevant, interesting content written in your specific area or industry, so share it on LinkedIn! You can of course post your blog, website, and other updates on your own LinkedIn, but this site also offers “LinkedIn Answers” and “LinkedIn Groups” for extra exposure specifically related to your niche.

Participating in LinkedIn Answers will effectively build your online authority as others notice your company consistently answering common questions in the industry. With the appearance of authority comes familiarity, which in turn generates leads and ultimately sales conversions!

LinkedIn Groups is all about building a network of colleagues and contacts in your industry with whom to share information, learn about new trends, and build relationships with influential difference makers in the industry. The possibilities are endless for where a few well-cultivated networking connections can take your company.

Stay Informed

Just like you can’t drive without looking out the windshield, you can’t run a successful business without knowing what’s going on around you. LinkedIn provides an impressive wealth of information from your allies, competitors, and prospective customers. Educate yourself so that your decisions and actions hold more power.

Fine Tune Your Search

You want others to be able to find you, so use the Advanced Search to fine tune your company’s search parameters based upon industry, company, job title, and more. This way you can be sure that certain terms and words are sure to bring up your business as a result.

Don’t let the lack of GIFs and ridiculous YouTube videos fool you into thinking LinkedIn cannot positively influence your company toward more and more growth and success.

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