Want to Make People Share Your Social Media Content? Here's How

Posted on August 04, 2015

Most businesses, when establishing themselves on the social media sites, have one main ambition, and that’s to extend their reach. They recognize that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram provide the perfect platforms to boost brand awareness and they want to harness that power.

A major way of achieving this is to create content that people want to share. However, that’s actually a lot harder than it sounds.

Tips to Help Your Social Media Content Get Noticed

If you’re struggling to get your content shared on your social media sites, here’s a few tips to help you.

  1. Time it right. In the world of social media, timing is everything. If a topic is trending, you’ll need to move with the times and post content that is relevant. Remember to use a hashtag that relates to the trend, in order to help people find you. Remember also that there’s little point posting at midnight when everyone is asleep. Work out when your target audience would be most likely to be browsing online, and specifically aim to post at those times.
  2. Grab attention. A bold, intriguing headline is vital. Reel your reader in with a promise of useful information, tempting sales, controversial opinions. As long as it’s genuinely interesting and related to your brand, it should work.
  3. Keep it visually appealing. If your content is illegible, badly written, or full of unappealing images, it’s unlikely to get shared. Make it look professional, eye-catching and unique. Don’t aim to do what everyone else is doing, try something new.
  4. Get an emotional response. Often, appealing to people’s emotions is a powerful way of getting their attention. As a result, humorous or uplifting content is often popular. However, it’s generally advisable to avoid negative content – after all, you want people to associate your brand with positivity!

Social Media Management

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