The Tried and True Newsletter: To Send or Not to Send?

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As you’ve seen with some other topics on this blog, not everything is a must for you to do. This is the case with sending newsletters. If you ask around within your circles, you’ll find that other business owners have had varied success with sending newsletters. So are they a big waste of time for you to send? Are newsletters something that used to be done, and are now obsolete? Or are they something that can still have a substantial effect on connecting with prospective clients? Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of sending newsletters.

Out With the Old, In With the New?

Sending newsletters is already an older practice when compared to other advancements like social networking. Sure, the practice of sending newsletters has had some downfalls over the years (like finding their way into spam boxes). But the key question is: is your target audience tired of getting newsletters? Or more importantly: does your target market want something different from you? This is when you can assess if having more of an online social marketing presence will be enough for your business.

A Helpful Tactic that Gives the Reader Focus

To counter the argument that it’s all out there on social media, one can simply state that there’s too much out there on social media. There are more people on information overload when they go online. Some experience “analysis paralysis” from having too much stimuli. These clients may prefer getting your newsletter, especially when it is created with the intention to ease the client’s need to sift through information. If you package information nicely in your newsletter, this will be of great benefit to your list.

The key deciding factor for sending newsletters will always be: do it only if you enjoy it!

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