The Power Of A Mobile Website For Your Business

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If you’re wondering if your business needs a mobile website, the answer is yes! However, you may be wondering how exactly a mobile website would be beneficial for your business. For one, the number of Americas with smart phones is growing by the minute. More often than not, they use their phone to search for information on a variety of different topics. If they come across your website when doing a search and its mobile friendly, they are going to explore your website and you’ll rise above competitors who haven’t created a mobile website for their company.

A mobile website will actually help your business grow. With 2/3 of American’s using their mobile phone for Internet searches, you want your business to be available to these mobile users. Without a mobile website for your business, you’re actually missing out on hundreds of potential customers who turn away from your webpage because it’s not mobile friendly. A mobile website is also a great way to connect with customers. The easier your website is to navigate, the more often users are going to come back to your website when using their mobile device.

Mobile websites are a lot different than your standard website. The information should be presented to users in a way that allows them to easily locate the different pages on your site. Your main page should have a drop down menu, with a list of each of your sites pages, so mobile users can easily navigate back and forth. This easy setup also allows you to add to your email list because you can have an easy to access link right on your main page. By making the email subscription process easy, mobile users are more likely to sign up, so you may want to design it where the visitor enters their email address and is good to go.

By making a mobile website for your business you can also use it to support your other marketing initiatives. When you send out email newsletters or marketing emails to clients you can provide a QR code link to your mobile website. By informing customers and prospects that you do, in fact, have a mobile website, they’re going to remember your company when they are on their mobile device.

Creating a mobile website for your business allows you to keep up with the big guys. Big name, professional companies are using mobile websites for their business, so when you opt for a mobile website for your business you make your business look more professional. You can also use it to get ahead of the bigger companies if they are completion, because you can create your mobile webpage to be more user-friendly, and make your company look more trustworthy than the larger corporations.

A mobile website for your business also allows you to get your business recognized in the mobile world without the need for expensive applications. Some companies are choosing to have costly mobile applications created for their business, when a mobile website is much cost efficient and effective alternative. People are more likely to find your business through an Internet search, rather than by downloading an application.

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