Our Core People

Our team consists of distinct individuals that are ambitious and tenacious yet kind, creative, and fun. We come from all over the world, but collectively, we share the same passion for digital marketing and a desire to be the best marketing team in the country.

Chris Whitefield

Owner / CEO & Seo Expert


Graphic Designer


Web Designer & Developer

Julie Holli

Sales Manager


Account Management

Sarah A


Garv Sharma

Lead Developer, Website Maintenance & System Admin

Taryn Birney

Seo Account Analyst

Sean Jesrani


Web Design is not just the look and feel. It's Creating an seo freindly site that makes money!

Web Design isn’t only about the aesthetics of your website - the capturing images, unique layouts included or how beautiful your logo looks; it is more about the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing strategy from creation to implementation. 

You know you have an excellent design when you connect with more potential customers and conversion rates high. If the website is not making you money what's the point?

Chris Whitfield

From the chairman’s desk
Christopher Whitfield

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