Split Testing: What Is It and How Do I Use It?

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You can easily do a search on the Internet to find out what works to build your business. But a key factor to remember is that your business is unique, and some ideas will not work for everyone. Not to mention, if your business is unique, then your clients and customers will be unique too! This is why I’m suggesting you try split testing. Split testing is experiments that you can control while trying to improve your website metrics, with the goal in mind: how can you get more clicks and more responses to your emails?

Is There Something That Needs to be Changed?

Are you getting a sense that you’d like to change a component or two of your current e-mail strategy? Or are you thinking that a certain button or form on your website could be performing better? These are the kind of examples that you would use split testing for you. Find out the best days and times to send out your emails. Do you think your subject lines need to be more direct, or could they benefit from being more subtle?

Informed Decisions That Help You Choose Your Direction

Once you get the feedback from your split testing, you can then update your website and email marketing strategy. You don’t have to guess at it anymore. There are ways to see how this can be improved, and to get a better sense of how those who are viewing your website are reacting to the choices you’re making. This puts you back in the drivers seat and assures you that you can still be creative, while using specific resources to help with those choices.

Ask an SEO professional to find out more about split testing email optimizers and what options exist for you!

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