Solving the Top 3 SEO Mysteries

Posted on June 06, 2018

Search engine optimization may not be simple, but it’s a critical necessity to the success of your company’s website. Since hundreds of ever-changing factors work together to influence the ranking of your website, it requires extensive experience and a keen eye to create a successful SEO campaign. However, even after you adhere to all of the best practices, you might still encounter a problem. Don’t feel disheartened, because confusing SEO mysteries can be solved!

Your Rankings Keep Changing

Google is an inconceivably complex machine, so it is actually to be expected that your rankings will experience a degree of volatility. Checking your rankings every single day, or even multiple times a day, can be just as ineffective as stepping on the scale three times a day. Rather than fixate on the minor changes occurring each day, check your rankings bi-weekly. As long as you observe a general uptrend over time, you are on the right track!

Your Traffic Suddenly Decreased

One of the most important goals of search engine optimization is to generate organic traffic to your website. If you enjoy consistently high traffic only to have it plummet without warning, you will understandably feel concerned. However, the truth is that declines of less than 10 percent are relatively normal due to Google’s need to refresh indexes, add new competitors, and update their algorithms.

Your SEO Results Aren’t As Strong As You Hoped

When you pour time and energy into search engine optimization, you want to see the results quickly. Though effective SEO takes weeks and months to culminate in dramatic changes, it is always best to utilize a professional company to expertly build your SEO and boost your web traffic. Best Edge SEO is the premier website design, web development, and full service SEO Internet marketing company in the Raleigh, NC and Tampa, FL area. Call them at (727) 278-6295 to begin building a profitable SEO campaign for your company.

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