SEO Tips For 2013

Posted on July 20, 2013

Over the past few years the way we use SEO has changed dramatically. This change has affected the way businesses create their websites and bring traffic to their website, in a positive way. Instead of offering visitors useless information, the new SEO reform requires you to provide well-written, useful information that will actually be of benefit to the visitor. The SEO change has allowed businesses, who were hidden behind useless keyword content sites, to rise above and rank higher on search engine results. If you’re looking to use effective SEO strategies, and improve your rankings, there are some great SEO tips that you can use for 2013.

Create Quality Content:  As mentioned, SEO is no longer about driving traffic to your site only to provide them with some useless information. You want to create well-write, quality content that is unique on each and every page of your website. You want to create content that grabs your reader’s attention, keeps it and at the same time have it well-optimized according to SEO standards. Overall you want to use about a 5% keyword density and have part of that density consist of synonyms. You also want to run all content through Copyscape to ensure it is completely unique.

Reduce your Bonce Rate: You’re probably wondering what exactly a bounce rate is. A bounce rate is the number of times a visitor leaves your website completely after visiting only the landing page, compared to the number of visitors who navigate around your site. Finding and analyzing the reason for your high bounce rate is one of the most essential SEO goals for 2013. The reason it’s important is because if Google notices that your page is ranking high, yet producing a high bounce rate, it may cause Google to demote the rating of that page for the particular keyword.

Create More Local Listings: Local listings are beginning to take over when it comes to Google’s search results. If someone is searching a keyword such as; “carpet cleaning services” and their located in Seattle, services in that local area are going to appear first. This means that two people searching the same topic from two different locations will get two different results. SEO optimizing your webpages for the specific location or locations where you offer services is vital for high rankings.

Enhance your Social Popularity: Websites that have a lot of likes/shares are favored by search engines. This means that you need place share and like buttons onto the top of your webpage. The more accessible the buttons are, the more likely visitors are to click on them. Your page should be designed with the visitor in mind and offer information that they would want to share with their social media connects. Your social popularity doesn’t end with likes/share, search engines also determine the amount of times your business is mentioned on Twitter, shared on Pinterist, posted on Facebook and Google +1ed. Keeping your website well-known within the social media world will ensure that your rankings remain high, or increase.

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