Psychology and Customer Conversion

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The studies of psychology and business may not seem closely linked on the surface, but a deep understanding of the first can generate success with the latter. In fact, all master salesmen will tell you that psychological tactics are essential to a successful marketing campaign. This doesn’t mean you need to hypnotize your customers into buying, but rather utilize strategies that gain their attention to remind them why your business is the right place to spend their money.

Think of the resources you use acquiring leads to boost your website traffic. You could gain millions of leads, but aren’t they worthless unless they result in the purchase of your products or services? By basing marketing strategies on innate psychological triggers, your company can effectively transform leads into customers.

Pleasure and Pain

The root of all human behavior stems from the ancient instincts to gain pleasure and avoid pain. These triggers motivate every action we take on a daily basis, large and small. Determine how your products or services can tap into that motivation, and don’t be afraid to get creative. If you own a small tree trimming business, market that your services will help prevent dangerous and expensive accidents during bad storms. Or if you’re in the health and fitness niche, emphasize the empowerment and achievement of attaining a trim and toned body.


Our society is easily excited by the new and unexpected; this is the reason that cars, cell phones, and tablets are constantly released in a new model or edition. Even when the changes are barely noticeable, it provides customers with something fresh to explore. Harness this eagerness in your own company with tweaks, upgrades, and rebranding. Some online marketers have found success in releasing certain products for only a few weeks every couple months to build a sense of novelty.

Explain Why

Just like a two-year-old who innocently asks “Why?” to every statement you make, adults are constantly searching to understand answers to the world around them. Consider a natural food store stocked to the brim with vitamins, supplements, and alternative remedies. The store contains health solutions to a host of chronic problems, but customers have no motivation to walk through the door unless they understand why those vitamins and supplements will improve their health. Once they understand, however, they’ll be back every 60 days for their refills. Use your own online marketing to succinctly explain your business, your value, and why your product or service beats the competition.

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