Pay Attention to the EAT Principle

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Pay Attention to the EAT Principle (keyword – EAT principle) As a business owner, you need to watch what you EAT. This means that you need to know how to show Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness in every post. These are the principles that should guide every new bit of content that you post to the web. With the EAT principle, you can easily raise your exposure.

Why is the EAT Principle So Crucial?

The EAT principle plays a major part in determining just how useful your content is judged to be. The Google algorithm takes note of these qualities in order to determine where your content falls in the search results. You need to get this content ranked as highly as possible so as to get the maximum number of clicks.

Clicks are the natural lifeblood of your marketing strategy. The more clicks you get to your site, the more business you can eventually do. For this reason, your content needs to be as enticing as possible. Following the guidelines laid down by the EAT principle will give you the best chance to raise your online profile.

Personalize Your Content to Your Target Audience

The concept behind the EAT principle is a relatively simple one. You need to pepper your content with SEO that relates directly to your audience. You also need to keep in mind the demographic that you are speaking to. For example, if you run a plastic surgery practice, you need to speak to a very local audience.

The idea is to know the audience that will respond in the most positive manner to your marketing. You need to know where they live, what their age and gender is, what their level of education and income is, and many other related facts. A series of online surveys can give you the info you need to create this profile.

Use the EAT Principle in Your Content

The content that you post needs to show clear proof of your expertise in your chosen field. This doesn’t mean piling up jargon that will only confuse your readers. You want to communicate your experience and qualifications in a way that is open and friendly. Say what you know in a way they can understand.

You also need to show that you are an authority in your field. This means that it’s okay to let people know that you have a college degree plus other industry certifications. Don’t dwell on this fact or brag about it. Let people know that you are fully qualified to render to them the services that they will require.

You will also need to show proof of your trustworthiness. This is the place where quite a bit of effective social proof comes in. You can use quotes from testimonials and online reviews in your content. Doing so will help to convince people that you have a reputation as a trusted provider in your local area.

Do the Research to Create Your Customer Profile

Once you have a clear idea of who your demographic is, you can use the EAT principle to create your customer profile. This will be your guide in creating the kind of content that they respond most actively to.

If your audience is older, you can tend to use more traditional content. If your audience is younger, it may be wise to make more use of video content. In either case, you will need to apply the EAT principle to get the highest level of attention.

Contact Best Edge Tech for More Info

Knowing how to craft SEO according to the EAT principle is a definite skill. Not every new business owner is going to be up to speed on creating content like a pro. This is why it’s good to have someone in your corner who can help you master this art. Best Edge Tech is here to handle your SEO and web design needs.

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