Mobile Apps, SEO, and Your Business

Posted on August 17, 2013

You want to give your smartphone users a better search experience by making sure your content responds to the size of the screen of the device they are using. This concept of responsive web design has resulted in an easier path for mobile SEO. But there is something else you should think about.

It’s obvious that searching is the number one mobile browser activity. Did you know that an increasing number of people are searching using mobile apps that are specifically search-focused? Fewer and fewer mobile device users are using the browser function on their mobile device. This shouldn’t be that surprising. We all know that app interfaces are usually more user-friendly, with more streamlined contents and results – thanks to responsive web design.

Make sure your company understands the relevant apps on the market and how to build your brand’s rank and “findability.” Figure out which big search engine your audience uses – Bing, Google, Yahoo!, etc. – because they will use that same engine on their mobile devices.

As apps become more and more popular, the types of content that a search leads to will subsequently diversify. It won’t just be about browser-based content anymore. And, even though most brand these days are focusing on apps from the major search engines (like Google Search and Google Maps apps), it’s becoming more and more necessary to gain visibility within those smaller, more niche engine apps.

Applying mobile SEO strategies will continue to be necessary for high visibility in both web and apps, because most of the big apps will source from their websites. So don’t forget the essential details:

  • Content Optimization

  • Ease of User Experience

  • Quick Page Load Speed

With some strategic thinking and some brainstorming on how to improve SEO strategy, you too can successfully diversify and reach your mobile audience.

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