Maximize Your SEO Ranking With These Top Tips From Experts

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The criteria search engines use to determine a Web site’s ranking is always changing. So to help you keep up to date with the latest tips to achieve your best ranking, Best Edge SEO offers the following:

  • With Google+ gaining in popularity, businesses are finding it wise to join as many of its communities as possible. Join those with interests in common with your business interests and think outside the box on this. Also, create and build a community of followers. This will afford you opportunities to link share. Links are the gold standard of SEO.
  • Mobile searches are becoming de rigueur as the number of smart phone users increase month to month. Create a mobile version of your Web site to accommodate these users and thereby increase traffic and visibility.
  • In relation to mobile search needs, make sure your Web site has a local SEO profile that includes addresses, phone numbers, and the like.
  • As mentioned above, links remain a top issue in achieving the best SEO ranking. But be sure the links are natural and relevant to each topic of each page of your Web site. Also, be sure that the links you provide do not invite spam issues.
  • Anchor text, or words that are hyperlinks, need to be keyword targeted and they need to link to the right pages.
  • Web site content is and always has been a top priority. Make sure your content is fresh, entertaining, informative, and makes the reader want to come back to your site for more. Quality content is sharable and linkable – a definite measure of SEO success.

Call us today for help in attaining the best SEO ranking for your business. We’ll help with these and other issues as well as analyze your current efforts. Our number is 1-888-501-0353.

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