Logo Design

Posted on March 03, 2014

A vital step in developing both your company and your company’s presence online through website design and internet marketing is developing the company logo. This logo is what often forms the first impression of your company; it is the piece that leaves the brightest mark on your consumer’s minds. However, a great logo design within your website design is about so much more than just displaying the companies name in a fancy font.

Powerful Design

Internet marketing is about so much more than just filling your website with SEO content. Powerful internet marketing, website design and logo design should be strong and balanced without clutter that will distract from the message you want your website to display. We like to follow a set of basic guidelines when it comes to website design development and logo design:

  • The website and logo should be distinctive and easy to see.
  • The imagery and visuals should be appropriate to the company.
  • The website and logo should balance well with the company name.
  • Both website and logo should be designed using a legible font.
  • The logo should always look great in color as well as black and white.

The Creation Process

At Best Edge SEO every single part of the website design development and logo design process is carefully thought out and experimented with using specific internet marketing strategies. We consider what colors, fonts, SEO content and more will lead consumers to take an interest in your services and products and trust your company enough to make a purchase.

When you want to design a website and a logo for your company, it’s important that you engage with professionals who understand these things. Best Edge SEO will help you build a brand that both existing and new customers alike will have confidence in.

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