Link Building On Your Website

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Unless you’re a technology expert with a passion for designing websites, the concept of link building may sound strange to you. When you think “link,” do you think sausage link or website link? In this case, link building is all about constructing your website with multiple links into it. The more webpages in cyberspace that link back to your website, the more Google will consider your website a trusted source and improve your ranking score.

If your company falls into one of the following categories, then link building can benefit your business:

  • You haven’t yet used search engine optimization (SEO) to develop your website
  • Your company has SEO in place and now wants to begin marketing
  • You’re a marketing company eager to outsource genuine link building (not black hat link building, which involves trickery and spam)
  • You’re a business owner who needs link building but has no idea how to accomplish it on your own

But how does link building work? How does Google know to improve your rankings based on links? There are a few key elements that your link building team will use to help generate more business for your company.

Global and Local Reputation: Your ultimate goal is to have trusted, popular website partners provide links to your site to prove your authority. It’s also helpful for websites within your same topic and/or local area to link into your page. The more interconnectivity you have with the web, the more viewers will flow to your site.

Anchor Text: This is a pretty technical concept. Anchor text is the wording visible in a hyperlink display. Use of strategic anchor text is an expedient way for Google to improve your company’s rankings.

Recent Relevance: Just like bread, links can go stale. You must be sure to regularly establish new “fresh” links to assert your current relevance in the industry.

Social Network Sharing: Everything on the Internet somehow leads back to a social network. Your presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ plus can impact your search engine ratings.

It’s vital to include link building in your quest for a results-oriented website, but let the experts handle it for you instead of stressing over how to transform into a tech wizard overnight!

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