Know the 4 P’s of Health Care Marketing

Posted on May 16, 2022

When it comes to health care marketing, you need to know the ground rules. One of the first things you should know about is the 4 P’s. These can be listed as Price, Placement, Product, and Promotion. Adding these 4 P’s to your marketing lexicon is a smart move. It will enable you to grow and expand your practice.


The first of the famous 4 P’s is Price. As many of your patients are aware, the United States is the place where people pay some of the world’s highest health care rates. Many people worry that they can’t afford to get sick without wiping out their life savings. This is an issue you can make a part of your marketing.

You should always be making an effort to keep your prices low. This will help to make your practice stand out from the competition. Anything you can do to promote your low prices is well worth it. You can create email and text message campaigns to spotlight any and every reduction in price that you can pass on.

Your next online campaign can be centered around all of the various methods that you employ to save your patients money. Put the spotlight on the patients who have benefited from these measures. Let them tell their story in order to draw attention to your practice. The more people hear, the more they will trust you.


Your practice needs to be located in a place that is easy and convenient for your patients to access. No amount of top level marketing can overcome this deficit if it exists. This is a practical matter that should be thought about before you sign a lease. The better your location, the better your business.

Placement is thus the 2nd of the 4 P’s. The convenience of your location can play a huge part in your marketing. Along with your easy placement comes hours that are convenient for your patients. The more they know about the flexible schedule you offer for appointments, the quicker they will come to see you.


The next of the 4 P’s is Product. The totality of the service that you provide to patients can be considered a product. Part of this package will be customer service. This will be a major part of the brand that you create. You need to make sure that the service you offer is top of the line in all possible areas.

It’s a good idea to remember that patients are more likely to book an upcoming appointment with a practice that has a great reputation for service. They want to make sure that your practice has received nothing but excellent reviews. These good notices need to come from people who live in your local area.

After they have had their first appointment, the real test begins. Your patients will be far more likely to schedule a second one if the service was top level. They will also be much more inclined to give you a good review that you can make use of as a testimonial. They can also recommend you to family and friends.


The last of the 4 P’s to remember is Promotion. You need to do all that you can to give your practice the promotion it deserves. The vast majority of people use the web to search for health care services. You therefore need to maintain a presence on all of the major social media network pages.

Health care marketing is based around content. The more you post, the more chance for exposure you will have. You may need to hire a website design and SEO service to help you get the maximum promotion your practice requires.

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