Even More Tips From The Experts On SEO Success

Posted on July 20, 2013

To continue with some of the basics recommended by experts on maximizing your Web site’s SEO ranking, Best Edge SEO offers the following tips:

* Search engine spiders feed off of new content. If you don’t update your information regularly, add a blog and write a new one at least three times a week. This could also garner you a fan following and increase visitorship.

* When building your link resume, think quality, not quantity. A few solid, relevant links can do more for you than a number of iffy ones. In fact, links that are less relevant or could lead to spam could actually hurt your SEO chances.

* The URL file extension you use – .htm, .html, asp., php., and so on – won’t make any difference to your SEO.

* Your links should use keyword anchor text. But the text around your links should also be related to the keyword. So surround your link with descriptive text.

* Don’t unnaturally pack your text with keywords. This could actually hurt your SEO. Spiders are looking for how many times a word would be used in the text normally.

* Do focus on a single keyword phrase. It doesn’t pay to try to optimize a page for several keywords at once.

* Links from .edu sites are given extra weight by search engines, so do a search yourself for possible non-profit .edu sites looking for sponsors.

* If you use a service that blocks domain ownership information when you register for a domain, search engines may take that as a sign you are a potential spammer.

* Make sure your site is easy to navigate. This can affect your ability to build links and grow in popularity, which will in turn affect your SEO.

Ease of navigation is just one area where Best Edge SEO’s own experts can help. Contact us for more information. Call 1-888-501-0353. Also, be sure to stop by and visit our Facebook page and Youtube channel for more helpful information.

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