Important 2016 Mobile Marketing Trends

Posted on February 11, 2016

Advertising on mobile devices was always an afterthought in the past. First print and radio, then television, and eventually the Internet ruled as the ultimate marketing venue, but with more and more people utilizing smartphones for Internet purposes, mobile marketing has evolved into a careful strategy for most companies. If your company is looking for inspiration to remain relevant and current in 2016, invest in these trends.


Of course, mobile apps have already taken over the mobile marketplace and become common language among all but our grandparents’ generation. 2016 marks the year that companies must invest in an app so that customers can access their products and services instantly. Having a website that’s optimized for mobile devices is a vital first step and will prove very valuable to capture mobile users, but a dedicated app takes it to the next level.

Mobile-Specific Content

Using Huffington Post as an example, many companies are generating content to be used specifically for mobile users. Huffington Post now creates videos that can only be seen on mobile devices, and it also abbreviates headlines, shortens articles, and publishes mobile-only content to engage more mobile users.

See It All As One

The terms “mobile” and “digital” are predicted to start blending this year as brand marketers realize that the mobile aspects of a business cannot be targeted alone. Everything will begin to mesh together. Super Bowl 50 proves it’s already happening: every 30-second spot aired not just on TV, but on digital channels as well. And it only cost a cool $5 million!

E-Commerce and Social Will Blend

Apps are no longer simply games to be downloaded and played over lunch break. 2016 will see even more brands seamlessly integrating e-commerce and social outlets together for a one-stop-shop app. This trend is challenging the assumption that shopping doesn’t occur on social media. By December, many people will prove that it sure does.

It’s a new year dominated by technology. Anything is possible!

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