Importance of Search Engine Optimization

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The world of Internet has exploded in the past two decades. The number of websites has increased from one in 1991 to more than 900,000 in 2013. They cover a wide range of topics including health, finance, entertainment, news, parenting and home maintenance. Most people rely on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing to scan through these websites and find the information that they need.

Any new organization or individual launching a new website or blog in this highly competitive world should take steps to rank well in search engine results for greater visibility and clicks. This ultimately translates into higher sales and greater online success for your company.

Search engine optimization refers to techniques that help improve the visibility of your website on the results page of a search portal when the user types a relevant keyword or phrase.

What are Search Engines Looking For?

Search engines have made several changes to their basic algorithm. Unlike the past, keyword concentration is no longer significant. The focus is now on:

  • High quality and original content
  • Technical aspects of your website including its speed and efficiency
  • Number of other websites that consider your site an authority
  • Layout of your website including the ease of navigation and security.

Optimizing your Website

Before you optimize your website for increased visibility on popular search engines, understand your goals. Focus on all possible channels of Internet marketing including social media networks and emails. Create effective Meta descriptions and tags for your content. Improve the authoritative status of your website and have other sites create backlinks to your content.

Good search engine optimization tactics can contribute significantly to the online success of your business. Do not take short cuts. Sticking to basics will go a long way in ensuring more clicks and increased revenue for your company.

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