How To Create A Stunningly Beautiful Website

Posted on July 20, 2013

For the average website visitor there are only two things that truly matter to them. These include; how the webpage looks and what it has to offer to them. By creating a stunningly beautiful webpage, you are offering visitors with one of their top preferences. There are a few different things you can do to help create a stunningly beautiful website for your business. However, you need to keep in mind that creating a beautifully crafted webpage is much different than creating a visually beautiful webpage. While a visually beautiful website is great, it will do nothing for you unless it is masterfully crafted, as well.

Obtain Custom Graphics and Icons
Stock photos can be easy to obtain and cost a lot less, however they simply offer the site visitor with a phony feel. These images are found all over the web and do not do anything for your webpage. Using a custom designed graphic and icon can preserve the look of your website, offer a more personable feel and get your message across correctly. Think about it this way; when you are looking online for MP3 downloads, isn’t the site that has a custom logo going to be more attractive than the one that has a music icon, just like all the rest?

Weave Concise Navigation
When you are setting up each individual page on your site, you want to try and make one flow into another. This will not only make your website more user-friendly, it will encourage your visitors to navigate around your website, which will allow them to experience the full effect of what you have to offer, while helping improve your Google rankings.

Allow for Varied Stimulation
Human beings crave a variety of different stimulations when they are exploring online. While simple text and pictures are all well and good, nothing captures a visitor quite like a page that interacts with the user. You want to give your users something to ‘do’ while they visit the page, while still offering them the underlying content of your webpage. Make it simple, however, by adding videos and animations without going overboard. Too much stimulation will distract your visitor and will sacrifice the success of your webpage.

Pay Attention to Detail
If you are looking for a dramatic page that stands out, or are creating a simple page that offers users with what you are providing, you need to ensure that every detail, on each and every page is correct. For example; using the same headings on every page is something that will give your page a beautiful appearance, and little flaws in the consistently of your headings will be picked up by the user.  Avoiding the overuse of buttons, concise spacing and proper placement of pictures are all very important parts of creating a beautifully crafted website.

Many people do not take the time to craft their website correctly because of the time that is takes. However, the results from the extra time taken to make the webpage perfect are going to pay off tenfold for your business.

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