How Has SEO Changed in 2014?

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When it comes to SEO there is only one thing that is certain, it is always changing. In the year 2014, there were several changes to SEO that were seen and all of them are expected to change again throughout the years.

First, content marketing is essential. Content marketing means that articles are focused, optimized, and provide information that is relevant and useful. It is much more than just having an 800 word article on your home page.

When it comes to marketing, content really is king. While this may sound cliché, it is one of the things that has stayed the same, yet changed as well. Search engines now expect content to be eye popping, epic, killer, actionable, shareable, and powerful. Creating this type of content is the best way to keep your page at the top of the results page where you need it to be.

SEO and PR are really the same. There is no way to really do SEO without proper PR. This means in order to truly optimize a website, both needs to be considered. You will want to choose an SEO company that focuses on the entire picture and not just one aspect or the other if you are going to be successful.

Perhaps the biggest change in SEO that was seen in 2014 is the fact that algorithms are now smarter. The algorithm has been changed many times over the years. If you have been in the business for a while you probably remember a time when keyword stuffing combined with some directory links and you would hit the first page of google quite easily. Now, the algorithm is complicated and there are no longer any real “tricks” that can be used to work over the long run. The best thing to do is to put out quality content and to keep your site optimized.

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