How Can a Nano-Influencer Help Your Business Grow?

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How Can a Nano-influencer help your business grow?

Influencers have been a major force in the marketing world for over a decade. They rank in scale from major to minuscule. The smallest group, known as nano-influencers, are mostly found on social media sites such as Instagram. They tend to have an audience of 1,000 to 6,000. However, their reach extends far beyond this seemingly small number.

You Don’t Always Need a Celebrity Endorsement

The main thing that you should know about nano-influencers is that they are the furthest thing from a Hollywood or political celebrity. The vast majority of them are everyday people who are looking for another source of income. This gives them a level of relatability that enhances their ability to influence people and trends. 

Their major point of influence is that tend to exude authenticity. It’s much easier to accept that a person finds a certain tool useful when they look like someone who will actually use it. The fact that they play to a smaller audience also enhances their appeal. It gives them a “person next door” image that is the opposite of a celebrity. 

This authenticity is a major selling point for many people. A recent survey conducted by global marketing experts found that authentic content created by a person is more desirable. The opposite would be content that is patently churned out by a brand with the backing of a marketing agency. The contrast in preference is too strong to miss. 

Most nano-influencers don’t seem to be solely motivated by the desire to attain fame and riches. Many seem to be normal people who enjoy getting on the air and promoting their favorite products. This seems to be more an extension of a personal hobby than anything else. This can often be more effective than any kind of A-list endorsement.

Nano-influencers Tend to Build Stronger Connections

Nano-influencers tend to focus much more closely on a smaller range of interests. This is due to their niche placement in the industry. For example, a nano-influencer may have a following of 3,000 people who all share an interest in model trains. While the group is small, it is composed of people who share very strong ties.

The initial following of a nano-influencer may be personal friends and family members. This core group then brings in others who are close to them. The result is a tightly knit and cohesive community. New people who join this group tend to have the same characteristics. Positive peer pressure sets the stage for a more effective influence. 

Nano-influencers also tend to engage more frequently with their followers. This style of fast answers and one-on-one communication is highly effective. It lets their followers know that they are not dealing with a robot or a paid endorser. A nano-influencer has more sway because they engage with, and respond to, daily feedback. 

Nano-influencers Are Easy to Collaborate With

Another reason to prefer nano-influencers, at least at your initial stage of development, is that they are easier to work with. If your budget is small, so is theirs. A nano-influencer may gladly share your products with their audience for a nominal fee. This is because the two of you are working together to grow your audience.

They are also a must if you are selling to a very niche audience. As stated above, they have small but very savvy audiences. They also have a very high level of trust with their followers. You can parlay this credibility into an opportunity to grow your own following. 

A year or two spent in the company of nano-influences will teach you a lot about how to proceed in the marketing world. The lessons you learn from them can be used to guide you as you deal with larger influencers.

Best Edge Tech Has Your Perfect Fit

There is always more than one way to reach your desired audience. If you are a small startup, you’re going to need help from major and nano-influencers. The size of your budget is not the obstacle you may think. Best Edge Tech can help design and implement a strategy that perfectly fits your needs. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

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