Hot SEO Topics In 2013

Posted on July 20, 2013

SEO is a hotter topic than ever in 2013. With the online competition between businesses, the drive to get a page ranked high on Google through great search engine optimization is big, and keeping up with the latest in the world of SEO is vital for success. While the last few years have brought about many changes to the world of SEO, 2013 will be no different. Changes are approaching once again, and keeping a heads up will prepare you for these changes and ensure that your page stays highly ranked, without falling behind the competitors. While none of these changes have been implemented yet, they are predicted to be seen in the coming year.

The importance of linking pages is going to increases dramatically. While good, solid links are supposed to help improve rankings at this point, there are many well-established sites that have excellent rankings without any good links. The links on their sites are to places that provide no real use to the user, and this method is going to quickly go under. By preparing now and linking your page only will the best, relevant resources you can find online, you’ll be able to keep your rankings up and possibly improve them.

The important role of a landing page will begin to become a popular topic. Many believe that Google is measuring the amount of time a user spends on a landing page as a sparked interest. By staying on the landing page for over 2 minutes, it saying “This page has some good information that users want to read!” Creating a landing page that is going to keep users there for over the specified amount of time will help you rankings. Some people believe that Google sees users quickly bouncing off of your page to the search engine results page, as a negative. If visitors are quick to leave your page for the next result, then according to Google, you must not have anything good to offer and your rankings will go down.

The positive effects of Google +1’ed are expected to show face in 2013, and it goes far beyond seeing which of your friends shared an article. The more a page is +1’ed, the higher it will be viewed by Google, therefore it will go higher on the search engine. Adding a Google +1’ed page to your webpage if you do not already have one is a great way to get ahead of the game. Each time you make a new post, share it. This will encourage your site viewers to share your page as well, which will help improve your stats.

There is expected to be another big update form Google, which is predicted to occur sometime within the first quarter. After that, we will see some small changes, and possibly some big improvements for real companies who are dedicated to keeping their stats up and getting further ahead of those old keyword stuffed sites that made their way into Google’s rankings.

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