Google Panda Update

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With the release of Google Panda, high quality website publishers took a sigh of relief as now they had the strong competition with the high quality websites only and hence Google’s improvement search algorithm started fighting against content robbers and spammers. Google panda is capable enough to impact the websites that contain copied content from other websites and these low quality pages are known as ‘Content Farms’ and with that Google has proven that there is always a scope for betterment by updating the existing algorithm to make it more effective which is known as ‘Google Panda Update’. One of the most beneficial factors of Google Panda Update is to provide higher page rankings to quality content rather than quantity content. Now Google has given you an opportunity to evaluate your website’s SEO. Google aims to provide its users with the most relevant and high quality results accurately and quickly and this is why Google has been trying to work on the processes to extract the least important and ineffective websites. You can use Google Analytics to find out if your website has been slapped Google Panda.

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How your website can be affected by Google Panda Update:

Your website may not contain any copied content but it is still possible for it to be affected by this update if the website contains:

  • Clutters of high range of advertisements.
  • Headings not related with the content.
  • Duplicate content (Make sure you don’t put the same content on more than one or all pages of the website.)

How can you improve your website’s ranking and avoid it to be affected by Google Panda update:

  • Quality of Content: Put useful, understandable, precise and unique content.
  • Quantity of Content: Avoid putting too less content which leads to the generation of negative feeling in visitors. At least it should convey properly what you wish to.
  • Valuable Content Adds Value: Content must be valuable for the visitors so that the Chrome users don’t block it for future searches.
  • Empty Content is Not a Good Choice: An empty content is one where you find only links to other pages which is not a professional idea as Google eliminates these types of empty pages. So start adding good material to avoid Panda penalties.
  • Remove Redundancy: Don’t put the overlapping and redundant articles to avoid a hard hit by Panda.
  • Human Intervention is necessary: Avoid affiliate links and auto generated content. If the pages on your website are built using machines, Google doesn’t prefer such pages giving value.
  • Attractive Content Pulls Visitors: Google devalues poorly written content so put the content that pulls the visitors.
  • Eliminate Low Quality Pages: It’s a good idea to remove low quality pages or merge the content of individual shallow pages into more useful pages.

It is clear with the above written factors that Search Engine Optimization is all about targeting a high rank in search engine using the appropriate keywords and complies with the visitor’s expectations.

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