Don’t Overlook the Importance of Holiday Marketing

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The months of November and December are treasure troves of marketing opportunities for any business. With holiday shopping at its peak, many retailers enjoy a huge fraction of their yearly sales during this time. Now more than ever, online shopping is dominating the marketplace as shoppers choose to make purchases online in their pajamas rather than face the chaos found in malls and outlet stores. While your company may have some killer sales planned, you can offer 90 percent off and still not woo consumers if your campaigns lack certain features.

Use the Holiday Rush in Your Favor

More of us procrastinate more than we’d like to admit, but we’ve all probably been in the position of suddenly needing a gift delivered within 72 hours to avoid embarrassment and disappointment. Your customers are bound to fall into the same trap, so use it to your advantage with same-day shipping and free shipping for purchases over $30 in order to gain more sales. Free shipping makes excellent fodder for advertisements and social media keywords.

Go Against the Grain

Every retailer out there offers sales before the holidays, but what about after? You’ll deal with far less competition offering great sales on December 28 instead. You can brand the concept and really set yourself apart as the after-party sale source. It will also help your company maintain speed during the typical post-holiday sales hangover.

Videos, Videos, Videos

Advertising has significantly evolved just in the last few years to place a major emphasis on videos. A world of instant gratification makes videos more appealing to consumers who can gain all of their information in a 30-second clip rather than glean details from a written description. Create appealing, concise videos to generate holiday buzz and draw more viewers to your site.

With attention to detail in a few select places, your company can transform its holiday marketing techniques to earn more sales and new customers than ever before.

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