Don’t Make These SEO Mistakes

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Ignorance can at times be bliss, but not in terms of your company’s website SEO. The things you don’t know, don’t understand, or overlook can be the ones that hurt you the most. The whole goal of SEO is to organically increase your search engine rankings and improve online visibility, so don’t let these errors prevent those goals from coming to fruition.

Don’t Overlook Backlinks

Also known as inbound links, backlinks are web links directed toward your website. The number of websites attached to a website is an important indicator of that site’s popularity and importance. Google is known to give more credit to websites with a solid collection of backlinks, since multiple references from a variety of quality outside websites indicates relevance.

According to recent studies, backlinks are one of the greatest SEO factors out there. Don’t forget about them as you work to establish your website!

Don’t Underestimate Social Media Shares

Research into Google algorithms also suggests that social shares serve as quality validation to help bolster search engine ratings. Facebook and Google Plus hold the most weight right now, but the field is always evolving.

As explained below, strong and exciting content will make your viewers automatically want to share your posts with others. The more that your blogs, articles, pictures, and videos circulate around the web, the more of a shine Google will take to your business.

Don’t Push Content to the Back Burner

Content is king right now, whether in text, video, or picture form. The key is to regularly add content so search engines recognize your site is actively engaging viewers and remaining relevant. Catchy and creative headlines, easy-to-read text split into short paragraphs, and regular posts all contribute to stronger SEO. Google also pays attention to bounce rates and each viewer’s time on site to determine just how worthy your website is of cyber traffic.

SEO might be complicated, but it’s at least a bit easier when you avoid these mistakes.

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