Do You Really Need SEO?

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If you are trying to make money online, you’re probably running to this question “Do I really need SEO?” Well the long and short of it is yes. Not just yes, but absolutely. Seriously. If you are looking for the best kind of traffic, you really cannot do any better than search engine traffic. There are many self-proclaimed gurus that say that they have come up with a better form of traffic well in reality the traffic they’re dealing with is a cleaned-up version of traffic that originated with search engine traffic. Here are the reasons why you need to wrap your mind around a solid and comprehensive SEO strategy. Such a strategy is needed to take your online business to the next level. If you are serious about making money online, you need to have a solid and credible SEO strategy.

Highly Interested Traffic

The main reason why you need search engine traffic in SEO services is because the traffic that you do generate from search engines tends to be highly interested. These aren’t people that just stumbled on your website. These aren’t people that just randomly clicked on a link and ended up on your website by mistake. No, these people are actually interested in what your website has to offer. Keep this in mind.

Highly Targeted

Search engines show results based on the keywords people enter in the search engine. The results that search engine show are highly connected to and relevant to the keywords users enter. When somebody enters keyword that is related to what the search engine is covering. You can bet the farm that these people are highly targeted. This is precisely the kinds of people that will put extra dollars in your pocket. These are precisely the kinds of people that have a higher and normal chance of actually buying whatever product that you are offering. When it comes to advertising, a high level of targeting is crucial to maximize in conversions. Otherwise, you’re basically just taking shots in the dark and gambling that somebody someway, somehow, will convert. If you value your money, you shouldn’t play the

game that way. Focus on a highly targeted traffic source and that is the best kind of traffic for that is, of course, search engine traffic.

Customers Look for You

The traditional advertising model is when somebody’s watching a show and all of a sudden, there’s an ad and the person’s attention is broken and the person has to focus on the ad. As you can probably already tell, this is a very inefficient way of advertising. You are essentially disrupting what the person actually wants by giving them something that they may not necessarily want. Compare this with search engine traffic. When people enter a keyword into a search engine, they are actually interested in the idea or product behind that keyword. At the very least, they’re looking to solve a problem. When ads that are highly related to that keyword show up around the search results, they have a higher likelihood of clicking through because they are looking for solutions to specific problems. See how this all plays out? In traditional advertising, you look for the advertising. You disrupt their experience. In search engine advertising, the customers look for you.

Focus On Credibility

Another great thing about SEO is that you can focus on credibility. You can lead all these traffic to  materials that build your level of authority and credibility with them. The more credible your content becomes in the minds of search engine visitors, the more likely they would be to join your mailing list. The more credible and authoritative you become in their minds, the more likely it is that they would click on your advertisement links and actually buy something from you. It’s all about credibility, it’s all about building trust. You don’t necessarily have that with a traditional advertising model.

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