The Difference between “Keyword Stuffing” and “Keyword Driven Content”

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If you know anything about SEO in the past few years, you will know that it has dramatically evolved since its conception. Once upon a time, the art of “keyword stuffing” was the only thing needed to guarantee that your website would land in the top of any web search relating to your business. But Google didn’t let that last long, choosing instead to update its algorithms to reward websites with authentic content driven by relevant keywords. It’s important to understand the difference in order to harness the SEO strategies that will lead you to success.

Keyword Stuffing Basics

This technique used to be rewarded, but it is actually now penalized or even banned on major search engines. Keyword stuffing is accomplished by loading a webpage with a multitude of keywords in meta tags or the page content. Sometimes, keywords would exist on the pages but remain hidden from viewers using color blending or hiding the text behind images. All of these tricky techniques were meant to help a website be more noticed by search engine results, but keyword stuffing doesn’t add any real value to the pages.

Keyword Driven Content: The Difference

Search engine algorithms have perfected the best way to identify and rank websites that offer truly valuable content that web users seek. On your business side, the process starts with choosing the keywords that matter the most for your company. Not 1,000 potentially helpful words, but a core group of keywords that customers will relate to your business identity.

Keyword driven content is unique because it focuses on the user experience, with keyword placement as a factor, not the singular leading force. If your business is creating and sharing content that connects and relates to the demographics you are after, then your keywords will naturally follow. It’s a true recipe for success.

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