Creating the Most Effective Website Content: Part 2 of 2

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There’s a great quote from a song that goes like this: “I get by with a little from my friends.” In the Internet age, through social networking, our list of friends reaches greater breadth with acquaintances and colleagues. Some of the most commonly overlooked ways to generate interesting website content is through collaborating within your network. This will give you more fodder to create the most effective website content for your business, while improving your SEO.

Conducting Interviews

Is there anyone you believe would be great to interview? Do you know someone who has a unique perspective on some of the topics that relate to your business? This is such a simple, fun way to create content. Just form some questions that relate to the mission and function of your business, and ask away!

Guest Bloggers

Is there someone you know that is a good writer and would enjoy contributing as a guest blogger for your website? You’d be surprised by who might jump at this opportunity! Not only will this give you new content, but it will add some variety of style to your website. It will highlight that your services are not part of a vacuum, rather how they are connected to other professionals who share their take about what your business has to offer.

Feedback and Links to Related Articles

Do you know of any articles that nicely compliment your business focus? Have you read any recent articles that gave you some food for thought. You can always write about your response and how it relates to the themes of your business focus. You can then post the link to the original article. The author of the article will appreciate the publicity, and this can begin an online connection that broadens your exposure too.

So yes, reach out to your network, and consider who you could connect to create more website content!

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