Combining SEO and PR Strategy

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Sometimes when thinking of how to best improve SEO, you’ve got to think outside the box. Don’t just think of web developers and program designers to help ensure your website is visible. Sometimes, you need to think about jobs and strategies that you might not think about on a day-do-day basis.

What about public relations strategies? After all, PR officials are the ones on the front line, making their company visible to as many people as possible, in as positive of a light as possible. PR people are so important to a company! Taking some tips from the PR folks can actually help guarantee SEO success for you.

What do the PR folks love? They love getting their leadership team out there and positively contributing to the industry. A well-spoken, accomplished leader represents the company, and if the general public knows who the leadership team is, then they’ll know who the company is.

So how do you improve SEO by utilizing your company’s leadership? Make sure your leadership is out and about in the industry, bringing attention to his or her expertise and the company. The key is to get the leadership figure out there – in real life and in web life – so that people start recognizing your company.

By thrusting your company’s leadership out into the public eye, you will easily generate traffic to your own website – especially if you embed links to these “extracurricular” activities. There are three major outlets for your company’s leadership to contribute meaningfully to the industry your company is operating in.

  • Contributing writing to a well-known news or industry website

  • Speaking at marketing or industry-specific conferences

  • Acting as a guest contributor to share expertise on a radio or TV show

Now’s the time to make your company’s leadership stand out and help your SEO!

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