8 Reasons Your Business Website Needs SEO Service

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8 Reasons Your Business Website Needs SEO Service

One of the most common questions the pros at Best Edge Tech hear on a daily basis is, “My business has a website. Why do I need SEO service?” We love answering this question because SEO plays such a critical role in any company’s success.

In a nutshell, having a website today is like having a printed brochure back before the Internet existed. If no one received that brochure, they still would not know your business existed or which services you provided. Using smart SEO service tactics now is like handing that brochure out to potential customers in those old days, to provide answers to their top questions and lead them down the path to contacting you.

Without SEO service, nine times out of 10 your website sits on the proverbial shelf and gathers dust. Your potential customers will not find you when they need you most. Your brand gets lost in the competitive field. Luckily, SEO provides the keys to achieving top-of-mind status and effective positioning ahead of your competition.

To help you see your need for SEO service, we provide some of its top benefits, below.

1. Increased Web Traffic

No longer is word-of-mouth enough to build your business. Through SEO service, potential customers find your business when they broadly search online for the products or services you provide. SEO generates leads, educates your customers, shows them what you offer and positions you as expert in your field.

2. Capitalizes on Organic Search

Did you know that organic search through Google and other search engines is the primary source of traffic to your website? An effective keyword strategy enables your business to provide answers to your potential customers’ top search queries. This SEO service also draws your target buyers in when they are actively looking for what you provide. Without an effective keyword strategy, your website traffic primarily comes from people already holding your business card, recounting your company name or actively engaged in your sales funnel. Through organic search, you greatly expand your exposure to the market and the leads coming into your business.

3. Shorter Sales Cycle

Without SEO service, your salespeople are constantly out searching for prospective customers. Or, you have gaps between incoming customer leads. SEO, on the other hand, consistently delivers people already interested in what you offer. This means they are pre-qualified, well into the sales funnel and you only need to help them make their buying decision or convert through a few remaining steps.

4. Builds Trust and Credibility

Through SEO service, the content on your website more effectively answers your potential customers’ questions, building trust. The strategies used also make navigating your site intuitive and seamless. Plus, when your site appears high in search engine rankings, you have immediate credibility.

5. Gives You the Competitive Edge

Studies indicate that up to 80 percent of people conduct online research before contacting a business or making a product purchase. If you are appearing at the top of the search engine results when potential customers seek information as part of this research phase, you immediately have a competitive edge.

6. Provides Ongoing Results

Staying at the top of search engine results requires ongoing SEO service. But effective SEO strategies can also provide lasting results. As long as your site is consistently updated and your online footprint grows over time as part of a healthy SEO strategy, your site will remain active in bringing in new business. You can increase your edge over competitors over time and establish your brand as top in your market. The longer this SEO service goes on, the broader the competitive gap becomes in your favor.

7. SEO Service Is Cheaper than Advertising

Advertising is expensive, whatever the paid medium. But SEO service provides a much more cost-effective and lasting alternative to paid ads. At the same time, effective SEO strategies provide your business with more control over messaging and brand identity for a longer period of time. In essence, SEO is a long-term investment that pays off for years, whereas ads pay off only as long as you keep financially supporting them.

8. SEO Service Works

The bottom line in SEO service is that it works. This is also the top reason why you need this service provided for your business or brand. One of the best ways to understand how it can work for your bottom line is through actual experience.

Best Edge SEO helps businesses just like yours build credibility, trust and exposure online, where it counts most. Call us at 252-303-0074 today to learn more about our SEO services and how we can help you achieve top-of-mind awareness for your customers.

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