Basic SEO Optimization Guidelines

Posted on July 20, 2013

Even though SEO ranking criteria is always changing and evolving, there are some pretty basic things to keep in mind to best market your Web site and get more visitors.

Content is the top priority, both in establishing rankings and to get return business. It needs to be relevant to the topic and emphasize your keywords.

Links are right up there with content. You should have links on every page of your Web site. But make sure they are relevant to the topic. If there’s no good, logical reason for that site to link to you, that is not a link to carry.

Unique titles on each page on your site also are SEO musts. Avoid using your business name in the title, or at least put it at the end. Unless you are Walmart or Kraft or some other household name, your business name won’t be likely to garner many searches.

  • To build local SEO, be sure to put your location in your search phrases. Use “your San Jose lawn service” not just “your lawn service.”
  • Links within your site should use your keyword or phrase. Rather than just “click here,” use “lawn service.”
  • Want to get a new Web site spidered faster? Submitting the site through the regular Google submission form can take forever. Instead, get a link to your site from another quality site. The spiders will be all over it.
  • Always keep SEO in mind when designing your Web site. Remember, spiders crawl text, not images or Flash

Contact us today for help in attaining the best SEO ranking for your business. We’ll always design your website with SEO results as our guiding principle.

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