How Business Owners Should Handle Marketing During The Coronavirus

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Businesses large and small are feeling the impact of covid-19. With quarantines in effect and most non-essential companies pared back or shut down, many cities are like ghost towns. But as a business owner, you can pull some value out of this slow period and the associated crisis. You simply need to invest your time, money and energy into long-term gain, instead of your typical short-term focus on profits. For many companies, long-term growth comes from digital marketing associated with your online presence and SEO.

Below are key ways to amp up your digital marketing during the Coronavirus pandemic, for greater return in the years to come.

Use Social Media to Connect with Customers During the Crisis

During any crisis, social media is the quickest and most effective means of connecting with your customers. Use your social platforms to show real empathy and help others. Avoid being salesy in your messaging, but find ways to help your brand stand out. One great method is to start fresh conversations with your customers by asking them how they spend their quarantine time. Spread positive thoughts and promote your company’s good deeds committed during this downtime.

Check Your Search Position and Work to Improve SEO

What are people doing while quarantined at home for covid-19? We are all nose-down into our devices and keyboards, conducting searches to find information or shop online. This is one time when the power of a web presence is crystal clear. Conduct a thorough check on your brand’s digital marketing and take steps to make improvements. Are your SEO strategies on point, so you appear at the top of Google search?

Invest in Pay-Per-Click Advertising

The stock market is not doing well as the Coronavirus takes hold. But you can benefit from investing some of your company’s money in the PPC market. Through PPC, you can position yourself higher for customer search and gain immediate results from your digital marketing budget.

Even better, cost-per-clicks have dropped by six percent in the past weeks in all verticals. This downward cost trend should continue until things return to “business as usual” after the covid-19 quarantine ends.

Develop Fresh Content to Enhance Your SEO and PPC Campaigns

One area of digital marketing where many brands fail is content development. Working from home limits many of your daily activities. But it is the perfect environment for developing new blog content and scheduling these posts for your website.

Having new blog material or landing pages better informs your customers about what you do. Through this material, you have plenty of new angles for promotion on social media. Content feeds SEO to improve search engine results pages (SERP) position and provides ground for integration of information in response to high-ranking PPC keywords.

Make Special Offers to Keep Your Customers Engaged

Another way to expand your voice across digital channels during the Coronavirus quarantine is to provide customers with a special offer. A discount enables you to connect with your target market and keep revenue coming in. It also gives you another promotional focus for across your digital marketing channels, particularly on social media and PPC advertising.

Localize Your SEO Focus

In the coming months and possibly for as long as two years, people will stay closer to home than for many years before. Fear of getting sick with covid-19 means people will seek nearby services and goods. To help your local market find you, you must use local SEO strategies in your digital marketing. By doing so, you tap into the search for services “near me,” as they happen. This strategy will help you in both the short-term and long-term, for building your local customer base.

Look for Ways to Innovate in How Your Company Does Business

As we all now see, life and ways of doing business can change in an instant. This means your business must prepare to go with changes with fluidity. The best means of adapting and overcoming situations like the Coronavirus quarantine are through digital marketing and service delivery. What services or offerings can you promote and deliver online? Can you permanently adopt practices started during the covid-19 pandemic?

Avoid Panic and Rash Decisions

The worst thing you can do right now, besides sticking your head in the sand in terms of digital marketing, is to give in to hype. Think through your reactions. Turn to metrics, data analytics and expert forecasts, before making decisions.

Use This Time to Your Company’s Advantage

This is a unique period in recent history. Covid-19 is going to change the business landscape forever, as many brands shutter permanently due to the pandemic’s economic impact. Many companies face going bankrupt, selling or needing government bail-out. But the innovators and those who use this time wisely on the digital marketing front, such as in improving SEO and customer communication, will rise above. On the other side of the Coronavirus quarantine and aftermath, those survivors face less competition.

Instead of simply choosing to use the quarantine as a vacation, use this time to your company’s advantage and to be one of those brands that survives. Better yet, as a survivor, your business will benefit from your digital marketing and SEO efforts for the long-term.

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