3 Things about SEO You Probably Didn’t Know

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In these largely technological, fast paced and extremely competitive times, knowing about SEO can really pay off.  Undoubtedly, it an effective online marketing tool, however, mistakes in the SEO game can prove to be very costly. That’s perhaps why the one way you can truly benefit from SEO is by doing your homework.  

However, before you get started, here are 4 things about Search Engine Optimization you are better of knowing about.

You Do Not Need to Submit Your Site to Google

Yes, you don’t! Submitting your site to search engines may have been a standard practice back in the day, however, things have changed. Most search engines such as Google can find your website automatically. Therefore, it’s important you realize that submitting your website’s information manually, will not affect the way it’s showed on the result pages in any way.

Meta Descriptions Have No Impact on SEO

Do you think that these tid-bits of information impact your SEO? Well, guess what, they do not and this has been said by Google itself.  However, since they appear under your web page’s title in the search results, it does help in driving people to your website, so do put the required effort. But, remember you do not need to include every keyword available into a single sentence.

It’s much More Than Just Keywords

Though including keywords in your articles is an important aspect of SEO, overdoing it will do you no good. You need to find an appropriate balance and then include your keywords accordingly. Quite clearly, it’s all about the content. It’s the content that will drive people to read and share it. So, focus on coming up with quality content, instead of thinking about the number of keywords you can fit into an article.

To properly reap the benefits of SEO, it is imperative that you learn about its use and management as much as possible. Hopefully, these four things will help you get started on your SEO endeavors on a high note.

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